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Out of the Frying Pan

OK! We have 3 ppl in this community thus far. I wil make Gerri a moderator so she can make this "pretty" (I hate that word). Here's our first mission:

Mission I
Out of the frying pan...

It's rumored that upon creation of the world, hell was created to root out all the problimatic sinners. In order to create such a powerful containment area as hell, an ultimate sacrafice was necissary. This sacrafice was done in the room of the damned, the place where all the souls from other planets were held, for they had no place in heaven, and the dead were not welcome with the living. The sacrafice was this: The suols were thrown into an eternal flame stronger than that of hell where they rot and regenerate themselves only to burn more. There is no end to this eternal suffering. This is not a mental idea, but rather a physical containment cell tht's the size of a pendant. That's all that is known. nothing else. It's rrumored that the pendant can be found in the home of the darkest creature of the night. That is the house of Dracula. This pendant feeds off the souls that are in it to provide power to the dead. No one knows what it's capable of, only the power it holds in it. That's an infinate amount...

The three warriors, dressed to kill, stepped forward onto the steps of the castle and took in the gothic mansions view. A warm wind blew by their faces and teased their cold biodies. Though the temperature of the wind was warm, it still caused two of the beings to shake. D was allways colder than a human. He looked at the large iron door in front of him and clanced over his shoulder, almost mockingly at the girl in the cammo pants.
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DRACULA, who would expect otherwise from someone with a character named D. ^_^