willflyforkorn (willflyforkorn) wrote in merrimackrp,

First Post!

Hello fellow Role Players!

This is Ryan! I own this world and the one's next to it! 1337! So basically here's the rules: I will, at the beginning of the week, post a mission. The members of the team must do the mission. That is all. There will be one person set as an enemy. He will be the monster generator. For the time being, that will be me. I will also post a character:

name: D
Age: Unknown
Class: Dhampier
Weapon: Lond Sword
Special abilities: Carbuncle (his left hand)... Need I say more? Regeneration, can walk in the sun, fast speed, fast fighting, and incredible agility and accuracy with stakes.
Body: Insanely handsome. It makes even the most true of men look in his direction with a red face.
Clothes: All Black.

I won't start a mission till we have 4 members willing to do one. So post your characters and tell me if you want in this mission.

Also, each mission you have the option of making a new character.
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